There is potential big news out of Atlantic City.

“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed the following:
Following our exclusive on-air interviews with former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, Atlantic County Commissioner John Risley and former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway…
I have received telephone calls from several Atlantic City democratic party leaders, who have exclusively told me the following:
They are anticipating that Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman is prepared to disregard their upcoming local endorsement for Mayor of Atlantic City before it even happens.
They have their own plan that they intend to activate should this occur.
Last year, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee (by a wide margin) endorsed Pam Fields over incumbent Mayor Marty Small. The vote was overwhelming in Fields’ favor, approximately 34 to 3.
Suleiman ultimately awarded the regular democratic party line to Small over Fields for the 2020 Primary Election.
If this happens again, regular Atlantic City Democrat leaders will initiate a change of government petition to return Atlantic City to a non-partisan Mayor Council firm of government.
Their plan calls for 7 member city council and mayor, comprised of six ward council members, one at large council member and one mayor.
Elections would move to May, and, there would be no Atlantic City candidates on June Primary or November General Election ballots.
If it is successful, it would be devastating news for Atlantic County Democrats, who have benefited greatly by the strong voter turn out in Atlantic City in general elections.
Many previous Democrat winners would have lost to their Republican challengers had the non-partisan form of government remained in Atlantic City.
The local Democrat representatives who unveiled this proposal to me, said that they are tired of what they believe is a racist agenda.
They advised me that there are no other examples throughout the county where the local Democratic party nomination has been overturned by the County Chairman.
I like Michael Suleiman, I don’t believe he is a racist, however, some local Atlantic City Democrats do believe it and they are prepared to take action.
I have also learned confirmed that the Atlantic City Democratic Committee will not endorse Incumbent Mayor Marty Small for reelection under any circumstances.
As it stands now, either former Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford (if he decides to run), or, Tom Foley will receive the Atlantic City Democratic Party endorsement.
This would be a “Back to the Future” political gambit.
It’s the reverse of what was successfully executed to remove the late Jim Whelan from office.
Whelan was a long-time Councilman and then Mayor, when the form of government was a non-partisan Mayor/Council format.
When the switch to a partisan form of government took place, Langford defeated Whelan.
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