Everything that we reported yesterday regarding staffing and equipment additions was officially announced today by Atlantic City Fire Chief Scott Evans.

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Chief Evans has publicly confirmed that approximately 19-25 new Atlantic City Firefighters will be included in the upcoming budget, along with two pieces of new apparatus, due to arrive in October or November 2022.

Additionally, Evans confirmed that Atlantic City intends to buy a reserve piece of equipment from Ventnor City, sometime in May or June 2022, when Ventnor’s new engine arrives.

During the press conference, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small was critical of Atlantic City Professional Firefighters Local # 198 President John Varallo who advised that Small was also critical of a talk radio host that he didn’t mention by name.

Varallo will be appearing with us on-air, tomorrow Wednesday, May 4 at 7:05 a.m. to discuss today’s developments.

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Retired Atlantic City battalion chief Tom Foley confirmed today on-air, that the new personnel and apparatus that have been confirmed, will resolve about 25% of the current significant shortages that the Atlantic City Fire Department continues to face, even after these additions.

The Atlantic City professional firefighters still face significant challenges, but, this is the first positive news from both a human resource level and operating equipment standpoint that they have received in many years.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Fire Chief Scott Evans, Tom Foley, John Varallo.

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