This was a fun exercise, which yielded a compiling list of various things that were created in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The list comes from on-air interviews that we’ve done over the past 30 years and great work done by then MEET AC (now called Visit Atlantic City) to comb through the various public records.

There is a propensity to always think about great things that have happened in our country having to have occurred somewhere else.

This proves that important things happened first right in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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This impressive list of “firsts” demonstrates how relevant Atlantic City really is.

The impressive list immediately below includes things that have happened on land, sea and air.

The diversity of Atlantic City “firsts” is a truly compelling story.

Atlantic City is the home of many significant firsts. I’m sure we’re going to miss a few, but here goes trying. Let us know if you know of other Atlantic City firsts and we’ll add them to this list.

Atlantic City's Firsts Throughout History

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