There is the potential for a crowded field of Democratic candidates to challenge incumbent Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

We have been complimentary of Small during his time as Mayor.

Small has worked hard. He’s been effective during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite these platitudes, SMALL has two very BIG problems. He is strongly disliked by the Atlantic City Democratic Committee and by The Craig Callaway Family.

This is no small problem.

The Callaway Family and their close supporters have also worked very hard.

They have effectively delivered countless numbers of local, county, state and even helped a federally elected official to earn victories.

The Callaway family has also worked very hard to acquire seats on the Atlantic City Democratic Committee ... and, they’ve gained solid control.

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This Committee has a lot to say in which candidates will ultimately receive the coveted Regular Democratic Party ballot line.

Craig Callaway put aside his strong dislike for Small on two recent occasions.

1. To defeat Casino Gaming expanding to North Jersey. The two worked closely and effectively, along with Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt.

2. Callaway reluctantly supported Small for the first leg of the unexpired term of former Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam.

Callaway concluded that Small would be on a “Short leash” with a one year term. So, he decided to support Small.

Well placed sources have conveyed exclusively to me that there was no quid pro quo in place, however, Callaway was said to be unhappy with the way certain legal expenses were being managed in Atlantic City.

Callaway believed that Small would make certain corrective changes. He did not.

Callaway is now once bitten; twice shy. He will not be supporting Small in this year’s election under any circumstances.

In fact, he will be working hard against Small in the upcoming election.

To gain the Column A placement on the Primary ballot, Small will need to have it handed to him by the the Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman ... as it will not be awarded to him by the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

It will be tougher decision for Suleiman this time, because Small will likely face an experienced challenger(s) versus a novice the last time.

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