Embattled Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is under fire for his perceived inconsiderate public comments at the time of former Atlantic City Councilman Gene Robinson’s passing.

Robinson passed away last week at age 80.

In a recent interview with The Press of Atlantic City, Small commented that:

It’s sad that while serving his community he (Robinson) was blackmailed by convicted felon Craig Callaway and the stress from that situation led to a decline in his health.  Rest well. Gene Robinson, said Small.

This is a cold and callous thing for anyone to say at a time of great sorrow and sadness. It reeks of lowbrow politics at exactly the wrong time.

“For a sitting Mayor to make such public remarks at a time of mourning is repugnant,” said Craig Callaway during our phone interview yesterday.

Craig Callaway - Facebook
Craig Callaway - Facebook

While it is true that in 2007, then Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway and two of his Brothers were indicted for their roles in a political scheme to potentially blackmail Robinson … Small left out of his public condemnation of Craig Callaway that he (Small) was closely aligned with Callaway during this particular era.

The Press of Atlantic City also left out of their recent print coverage that then Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz was directly involved and accepted entry into a pre-trial intervention diversion program for his participation in the “Robinson” scheme.

We spoke with Craig Callaway both yesterday and on-air this morning during the 8:00 a.m. hour about Small’s politically charged public comments.

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During our interview, Callaway expressed his deep remorse and accepted full responsibility for what he did, saying that “I paid my debt to society and I spent 4 years in prison. I know that in the next life, I will also have to atone for what I did,” said Callaway.

In our interview, Callaway did not hold back at how reprehensible he believes it was for Small to use the passing of Robinson to “try and score some cheap political points,” said Callaway.

“At the time of someone’s passing … like Gene Robinson, no leader should make divisive public remarks like Small did,” said Callaway.

”I accept full responsibility for my actions. This was also during the same time that I was mentoring Small, and coaching him when he was doing some very stupid things,” said Callaway.

Callaway and 7 other Atlantic City residents have recently filed criminal charges against Marty Small, La’Quetta Small and numerous other Atlantic City elected and appointed officials regarding the Kayan Frazier child abuse case.

Frazier is a relative of The Small’s and lived in their home for a period of time.

If you missed it, here is a link to our previous coverage:

Read More: Criminal Complaint Filed Against Atlantic City Mayor & Others

Atlantic Council President George Tibbitt was the one who announced the passing of Robinson at last Wednesday night’s regular Atlantic City Council meeting.

“I owe every opportunity I was given to serve the city to Gene Robinson,“ Tibbitt told The Press of Atlantic City.

Tibbitt recalled that Gene Robinson was the deciding vote in his favor when he was first appointed to City Council in 2006.

Tibbitt is currently the longest serving member of The Atlantic City Council.

"He (Robinson) was for the everyday working people,"
Tibbitt told The Press of Atlantic City. “(Gene was for) People in need of a champion for them to try to get them opportunities and make their lives better,” said Tibbitt.

"Gene was a dancing machine … What a terrific human being,” said Tibbitt to The Press of Atlantic City.

Not lost on anyone is the statesmanlike manner Tibbitt publicly handled the passing of Robinson versus Small.

Reieated phone calls to Tibbitt for comment on this report have not been returned.

SOURCES: Hurley in the Morning interviews & The Press of Atlantic City.

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