Back on March 22-23, 2023, we blew the whistle on an Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small scheme to giveaway prime beachfront property in Atlantic City to a handpicked developer to build a high rise that the neighbors do not want.

The unwanted development would be placed directly across from The Enclave Condominiums, located at 3851 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Neighbors are understandably concerned about density issues that will occur as a result of this high rise.

The residents have significant distrust in Small, who visited “The Enclave Enclave in March with ill intentions to build a high rise apartment building in connection with AC Housing Authority whose inability to manage Stanley Homes should speak volumes,” said a resident whose identity we are protecting because of Small’s well documented track record for retaliation.

Residents who we have spoken with don’t want the project at all … yet, if it is going to be pursued … they believe that locals such as Chelsea EDC and ACDEVCO should be the working partners.

Instead, Small appears poised to make a deal with an outside partner.

City Council members are presently looking at potentially repealing the action that they took on March 22, 2023, when they passed Resolution # 122.

Residents would also like Stockton University to step-up and get involved to oppose this project. To date, Stockton has not taken a public position on the matter.

An Atlantic City Hall source has advised that numerous OPRA requests have been filed seeking public information by about this proposed redevelopment project.

We have been told that the City has approved some of the requests, while declining to fulfill many of the requests for public information.

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