A civilian employee with the Atlantic City Police Department has been indicted for alleged crimes related to her timesheets.

On Thursday, 43-year-old Suzanne Ricketts of Pleasantville was by a grand jury for official misconduct, theft by deception, and computer crimes.

The case stems from an investigation into her actions while a civilian employee of the Atlantic City Police Department.

According to the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, in 2020, the Atlantic City Police Department began investigating alleged discrepancies in Ricketts' timesheets.

Review of the surveillance and computer systems showed differences between the times Ricketts was physically at the Atlantic City Police Department and what was listed in the payroll system, of which Ricketts was in charge.

Prosecutors say over 174 unaccounted-for hours were discovered with an estimated loss to the city of over $3,000.

If convicted, Ricketts faces up to 10 years in state prison and a ban on future public service employment.

The public is reminded that charges are accusations and all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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