Officials with the Atlantic City Police Department say 95 people have now been charged in connection to the riot and looting that took place in the city on May 31st.

Cops say following the riot and looting, which impacted 57 stores and caused millions of dollars in losses, ACPD Chief Henry White created a task force to investigate and charge those responsible for their criminal actions. Out of thousands of hours of video footage that was reviewed, authorities released a list of over 200 people that were sought. According to police, within minutes, tips were coming in and several people surrendered.

The ACPD also mentioned that following the initial looting, stores continued to be burglarized as people were pulling plywood off of boarded-up doors and windows. Cops say those incidents were also investigated.

On Thursday, police released a list of 95 people that, so far, have been charged. Almost all of the 95 people are from the immediate Atlantic City area and the most common charges are burglary, theft, riot, and violation of an emergency order.

In a press release, Chief White said, "The Atlantic City Police Department has remained steadfast in our support of those who exercise their First Amendment rights, including the right to peacefully protest, however, we will not idly standby as individuals commit crimes against our City. Those that think they can come to Atlantic City and commit crimes that directly impact our businesses and residents will be held accountable. Although we are announcing these charges today, this investigation will remain open until we can identify every person on our list. We greatly appreciate the support of the community in providing tips that greatly assisted this investigation."

Mayor Marty Small, Sr., continued, "I congratulate the Atlantic City Police Department for their tireless work in investigating the criminal activity that occurred in the City in May. I want all residents and businesses in Atlantic City, as well as all visitors to our community, to know that Atlantic City will never accept or tolerate the kind of lawlessness that occurred at that time, and that everyone who was involved in the destruction of property and other illegal activity will be prosecuted vigorously and to the fullest extent of the law. We are very proud of the businesses in our City and we will continue to afford them every possible protection from any conduct of this kind."

Anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Atlantic City Police Department at (609) 343-3771.

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Post-Riot Destruction in Atlantic City

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