“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools Barry Caldwell made a very unprofessional and inappropriate public decision.

NOTE: I have long been very supportive of Caldwell. I simply can’t support what Barry has done here. It’s wrong and just not defendable.

I have obtained a copy of a crumbled letter that you can see pictured here. It’s a letter from The President of The United States, Donald Trump. See right below.


The President and our Federal government has partnered with communities all over the country to put food in the hands of needy people all over America during our current global Coronavirus health pandemic.

On this occasion, it was decided that this public effort would go through the Atlantic City Public Schools District to place much-needed food in the hands of needy citizens in our community.

Multiple Atlantic City Board of Education sources have confirmed exclusively to me that Caldwell ordered Atlantic City personnel to remove The President’s letter from the food packages.

We only have one President at a time. President Trump is our American President, whether some people like it or not.

Regardless of your own personal politics, this is a very disturbing decision that Caldwell unilaterally made.

Caldwell did not have the authority to do what he did and I have confirmed that the Atlantic City Board of Education did not approve the move.

While scheduling his on-air appearance, I have briefly spoken with Atlantic City Board of Education President John Devlin about Caldwell’s conduct.

Devlin offered the following initial public comment to me in advance of our on-air interview.

“AS PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: I have not given any such orders, and the administration has done this all on its own. I was not asked or told about this. I’m very concerned about it,” said Devlin.

Devlin is appearing this hour on the “Hurley in the Morning” program on WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM at 9:05 a.m. this morning. You can listen live, or, on demand by using our WPG Talk Radio smartphone app.

This is a developing story. We will update it following Devin’s exclusive on-air interview.

10:30 a.m.

Right after we ended this morning’s program, Barry Caldwell reaches out to me.

Caldwell forcefully denies making this decision.

Here is exactly what Caldwell wrote to me as follows:

I am informing you that the accusations with respect to removing the President's letter from the federal produce boxes is FALSE!!!

This is slanderous and completely out of bounds!! NO ONE in the Atlantic City School District directed or asked the staff to remove the President's letter. We were thankful and appreciative that we were able to feed our community.

I would appreciate a full retraction. I have never brought my politics into the education and well being of the children and the Atlantic City community.

John Devlin was reckless and irresponsible in his capacity as Board President,” wrote Caldwell to me.

NOTE: My column has not been edited, except that I thought it was fair to add a sub headline that Caldwell completely denies making a decision to remove President Trump’s letter from the food packages.

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