“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that Atlantic County Freeholder Board Chairman Frank Formica has resigned his position, effective immediately.

Formica has confirmed his resignation to me.

Formica’s sudden move comes just one day after the deadline, which would have required a special election to fill the seat this year.

Republicans currently hold a 6-3 majority.

Incumbents John Risley, Republican and Caren Fitzpatrick, Democrat are both running for re-election.

Had Formica resigned just one day sooner, it would have necessitated a third seat on the ballot in the current election cycle. Formica decided to take this matter out of the hands of the voters.


Instead, Republicans will now get to appoint a Freeholder, until next year’s election.

It’s hard to believe that this timing is coincidental.

It’s politically strategic on one hand, but, also quite disrespectful to the electorate.

Formica’s move denies the electorate the opportunity to decide this November 3, 2020 if they want Republicans or Democrats to be the majority party in control of The Freeholder Board.

The move is raw political power. It guarantees that Republicans will hold no worse than a 5-4 majority. However, it gives the Atlantic County Democrats a potentially powerful issue to run on.

The rumor floating around that Formica will be taking the position of executive director of the Atlantic city municipal utilities Authority, is not true.

Formica has provided to me that the reason for his resignation is that his current professional position (political consultant) was going to create conflicts of interest, which necessitated his resignation.

“I am doing this with a heavy heart, but, I have to put my family first,” said Formica.

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