After fumbling this important issue a few weeks ago, the Republican-led Atlantic County Board of Commissioners will again take-up the crucial issue of the state of New Jersey being a Sanctuary State for illegals to reside.

At the last regular open public meeting, County Commissioner James Bertino introduced a resolution - with teeth - to recommend ending the status of New Jersey as a Sanctuary State.

The burden on the public services, schools, hospitals would be significant should illegals be able to come and reside in Atlantic County, New Jersey

Inexplicably, Bertino’s resolution died when he couldn’t get a second … as all members sat on their hands and let it die.

Bertino could not even get a second for discussion purposes. It was disgraceful and cowardly.

This brought an immediate and rare public rebuke of the Board of Commissioners from Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson… who cited their failure to take appropriate action.

Levinson had previously led a bi-partisan public (well attended) rally against United States President Joe Biden’s scheme to bring illegals to the Atlantic City International Airport to live.

Fortunately, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also publicly opposed this scheme.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his chief of staff, Ernest Coursey … who is also a County Commissioner attended Levinson’s rally … whereby Mayor Small offered his unconditional opposition to illegals coming to Atlantic City or Atlantic City International Airport to live.

Multiple sources have conveyed to me that the votes will be there today to pass the measure.

They will likely soften the word “illegal” to “undocumented.”

Upon passage at today’s meeting, the resolution will be transferred to Governor Murphy and to New Jersey Legislative Districts 1, 2, 8 and 9, which all cover parts of Atlantic County.

Bertino is the prime sponsor of today’s resolution.

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