Atlantic County, New Jersey Executive has declared that ‘Enough is Enough.’

Levinson is dropping the gauntlet and demanding that the state of New Jersey meet its financial obligations to the County of Atlantic.

This all stems from the payment in lieu of taxes, better known by the acronym (PILOT).

"The majority of our county employees are Atlantic County taxpayers who are currently owed nearly $10 million in Pilot payments from the state. The state continues to appeal the rulings by two Superior Court judges that it must honor the Consent Order for Settlement. By doing so, it is hindering the county's ability to provide the same level of programs to help seniors and those in need in addition to the ability to negotiate better wages for the county employees," said Levinson.

Levinson has been both relentless and steadfast in his approach to revive the previously agreed upon revenue from the state.

Levinson made the initial agreement with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

It went sideways from there, with Levinson ultimately taking the state of New Jersey.

Levinson keeps winning in court. But, the state keeps appealing the decisions.

"It's time for the state to stop turning its back on Atlantic County taxpayers. The governor represents all state residents and should do the right thing. It is unconscionable what has been allowed to occur,” said Levinson.

Dozens of County employees attended a recent Atlantic County Board of Commissioners public meeting.

The employees passionately made their case in open public session that their current wages are not enabling them to have a proper quality of life.

Levinson has reached the boiling point on this, admittedly frustrated with the State of New Jersey for the “harm it is inflicting on county taxpayers by refusing to honor its Pilot payment obligations,” said Levinson.

This has been a political battle that levinson has been waging this since 2017.

When Levinson filed suit against the state of New Jersey, he faced political retaliation when his own son lost his reappointment to the New Jersey casino control commission … when Governor Christie did reappoint Levinson … despite an undeniable consensus that Matt Levinson had done a great job in his public position as chairman of the New Jersey casino control commission.

"How many times does the state have to lose its case in court before it honors its obligations," questioned Levinson. "And why did the state pay outside counsel when it has its own staff of 1,000 or more attorneys? How much are we all paying for that?"

Levinson is in the process of trying to raise county employee wages. Atlantic County is the most frugal in the state regarding taxpayer dollars.

"My job is to look out for the best interests of all county residents which includes our county workforce," explained Levinson. "That is why I have fought so hard for what is rightfully ours. It is the State of New Jersey that has shown a lack of concern by refusing to speak with us let alone negotiate. Aren't Atlantic County residents also state residents? Why should we be the only county in the state to bear this burden when all 21 counties benefit from casinos?” concluded Levinson.

SOURCE: Linda Gilmore, Atlantic County Government Public Information Officer & long firm interviews with Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

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