The Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor is presently delivering on what I have named:


It goes like this: catch the murderers, go after the drug dealers, and round up the pedophiles.

This is the most focused and pithy approach that you will ever hear from the top law enforcement official of any county or state.

It is catchy and it drops the gauntlet on the “bad guys.”

Reynolds called in live this morning at 9:35 a.m. and delivered some very important news.

Reynolds announced that a child advocacy center will be established in Atlantic County, in Egg Harbor Township.

Importantly, it will be set up with the proper professionals and equipment required to win the battle against pedophiles.

It will be staffed with:

  • Law enforcement professionals, Detectives, etc.
  • Victims advocates
  • Effective implementation of technology to take on the pedophiles.

Reynolds was the featured speaker at this morning’s New Jersey Multidisciplinary Team Coordinators Association conference.

This is a relevant gathering of all New Jersey child protection advocates.

Today’s event featured:

  • Child Protective Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Assistant Prosecutor
  • Victim Advocates
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • School Staff

This was a powerful assembly and Reynolds did his homework on the topic. He arrived early and stayed late to talk to staff about child advocacy issues.

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Reynolds outlined this morning on-air with us that with children back in school, the timing of all of this is not a coincidence.

A trend of hope, healing, and justice is being highlighted throughout the conference.

Topics that will be covered today include:

  • Sex Offenders: What Every MDT Member Should Know
  • Creepy but crucial: Advanced Grooming as described by sex offenders
  • Protecting our children: Advice from Child Molesters.
  • If They knew What I Was Thinking: What Sex
    Offenders Can Teach Us About Interviewing.

Reynolds talked with us this morning in-depth about how pedophiles destroy the lives of young, innocent victims.

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