Presumptive State Senate nominee Vince Polistina got the ticket that he requested the Atlantic County Republican Committee to give to him.

Now, it’s on to the General Election Campaign ... except for an unwelcome political “fly” in the Republican ointment ... Seth Grossman’s intention to challenge Polistina in the June 8, 2021 Republican Primary Election.

Grossman took to the podium today to confirm that he would not seek the Convention’s support, and, he announced his intention to challenge Polistina in the Republican Primary.

The Atlantic County Republicans held their annual convention this morning at the Scullville Volunteer Fire Department in Egg Harbor Township.

The Convention overwhelming voted to endorse Vince Polistina for Senate, along with Don Guardian and Claire Swift for the New Jersey General Assembly in the 2nd Legislative District.

Here are Polistina’s first public comments since the Polistina, Don Guardian and Claire Swift ticket won the Atlantic County Republican Convention.

“I believe our conservative message of bringing fiscal responsibility back to Trenton, safely reopening schools and businesses and fighting for our hardworking middle-class families, is exactly what Atlantic County wants to hear,” said Polistina.

“With the convention behind us, it is time for all Republicans to come together and support this ticket, and ourcandidates from top to bottom to ensure we have the resources to defeat Vince Mazzeo, and the Democrats, who have continually sold out Atlantic County to North Jersey interests, concluded Polistina.

I’ll add a comment from Seth Grossman in the near future.

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