Here’s another very cool thing that happened in 2022.

The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael) have made the Ocean City, New Jersey Music Pier a regular stop each and every summer in recent years.

This 2022 year was no exception.

They last performed in New Jersey in Ocean City on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

Yes, Kevin is that Kevin Bacon, the accomplished movie and television star with countless acting credits.

However, make no mistake about it, Kevin is very serious about the music and his career with older Brother Michael, who has his own sound … but, also possesses an authentic, pristine James Taylor vibe to his perfect vocals.

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I first met Kevin and Michael because of my dear friend, Tom Cantone, who booked them at The Sands Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

As usual, Cantone has always been ahead of his competition, as it was The Bacon Brothers first-ever casino showroom engagement.

Cantone is a genius like that. He was the first to book Eddie Murphy in a casino showroom and the first to book Billy Crystal, among many other examples.

Read Tom’s book, “Book ‘Em” and you’ll learn how relevant Cantone is in the history of entertainment over the past 45 years.

It was Saturday, November 22, 1997 at the iconic Sands Copa Room. The Bacon Brothers has just launched their album Forosoco (just a few days earlier).

Forosoco is a cool blend of country, pop/rock, alternative country-rock, alternative indie rock, country-folk and roots rock.

I have never heard anything like it before or since. It’s my favorite Bacon Brothers album to this date.

They played for 3 hours, we were in the house and it was a truly awesome, unforgettable experience.

Don P. Hurley
Don P. Hurley, August 2, 2022 - Ocean City, New Jersey

Tom Cantone set-up an on-air interview with me, along with an extensive meet and greet with Kevin and Michael. They are both approachable and humble men.

Of course, I asked Kevin which does he like more … acting or his musical career with The Bacon Brothers. He couldn’t pick between the two, as he loves them both.

If The Bacon Brothers are ever near you, don’t miss the opportunity to see them. They put on a great show each and every time.

They display high energy and a commitment to the music.

Here’s a part of Bacon Family history that you may not know.

Kevin and Michael’s Father is Edmund Bacon, who was an urban planner, architect, educator and author.

Edmund Bacon served as the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Planning Commission from 1949 to 1970.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Edmund Bacon is “The Father of Modern Philadelphia,” as it was his vision that shaped today’s Philadelphia.

Edmund Bacon was born in Philadelphia and loved it from an early age. He designed the expressways and many other parts of the vital infrastructure.

SOURCES: Tom Cantone & my interview with Kevin & Michael Bacon.

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