Have you ever seen a Baltimore Oriole in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey?

I have never seen one in my life in South Jersey until now.

A dear friend, Michael Heath saw two of them eating from the Hummingbird feeder at the Heath home in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

He had never seen one before in his lifetime, either. Michael looked out his window and couldn’t believe his eyes. Not one, but two Orioles in his backyard, eating from their Hummingbird feeder.

Michael opened the window to take a photo, but, both birds quickly flew away, startled by his movements.

Michael went around his house the long way, and he saw that the two Orioles came back and were eating out of the Hummingbirds feeder, again.

He was able to snap a few fast photos.

Here’s a closeup look:

Michael Heath photo.
Michael Heath photo.
Michael Heath photo.
Michael Heath photo.

When I first heard about this, I thought that this would turn out to be a very rare sighting in Atlantic County.

However, after looking into this a bit, it appears not to be. Still, I don’t know anyone who has ever seen a Baltimore Oriole in this region.

We went to birdwatchinghq.com to find out more. Here’s what they say about this.

“A majority of orioles start their migration south in August. By September, it's rare to see any orioles still hanging around.”

“To attract orioles to their yard, many people set out fresh oranges, grape jelly, and nectar, which orioles will readily consume when they first get back to New Jersey in the spring,” according to birdwatchinghq.com

In case you never really thought about it, the oriole is the theme of the logo and colors of the Major League Baseball Baltimore Orioles.

SOURCE: Michael Heath & birdwatcherhq.com

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