WPG Talk Radio 95.5 is adding Bill O'Reilly to our daily line-up.

Bill O'Reilly, after years on both radio and television, is returning to broadcasting with a daily 15-minute feature called The O'Reilly Update.

WPG invites its listeners to tune-in as Bill O’Reilly tackles the biggest breaking news stories and delivers his signature "no spin" analysis of the people and stories that make America great.

In a press release touting the launch of his return to radio, O’Reilly said, “More than ever before, Americans need accurate information and honest news analysis in order to make intelligent decisions. It is all about protecting yourself and your family. The daily O’Reilly Update will arm you with facts, and provide opinion based on those facts.”

WPG will air The O'Reilly Update in 5-minute installments at 7:58 and 8:58PM during Mark Levin's show and at 9:58PM as Michael Savage's show ends.

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