It is an age-old question. Is it better to eat carbs or protein in the evening for better sleep?

Our body recovers from the day when we sleep. By giving our body a nutritious meal before bed we can make it easier to get healthy sleep. It is my job or should I say my privilege to sort through studies and find you the best information, but studies were all over the board on this one. I can see why we are all so confused.

However, the most recent information, updated in September, is from the Sleep Foundation. They find that an ideal nighttime snack should consist of a simple 150-calorie that is high in nutrients.

One study showed that having a low-calorie carbohydrate or protein snack 30 minutes before sleep helped boost metabolism in the morning. They suggest healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, seeds, and oatmeal that require minimal preparation.

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Here are some of the snacks they recommend - a small banana and a handful of almonds or a little almond butter, oatmeal, fruit such as kiwi or tart cherries, and yogurt or cottage cheese. Here are more details about the best foods for sleep from The Sleep Foundation.

What not to eat? Every study agrees that huge meals and fatty, spicy, or acidic foods before bed are a no-no. Of course, we know we should limit our caffeine during the day. Finally, alcohol may help you fall asleep, but it can affect the quality and duration of your slumber.   The bottom line is to try different foods at night and see what works for you.

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