A popular restaurant in North Wildwood has recently closed for good just as the busy summer season heats up.

Not an Easy Business

Most people know that the restaurant business is very difficult, even in a bustling state like New Jersey.

In fact, the National Restaurant Association says only about 20% of restaurants are successful. Six-in-ten fail in their first year and 80% fail within five years of opening.

So even with every person on the planet having to eat at some point, there is a 4-in-5 chance that the trendy, new eatery that you just discovered will be gone within a handful of years.

NJ restaurants that have closed in 2023 - Photo: TSM Illustration
NJ restaurants that have closed - Photo: TSM Illustration

Busy restaurant in North Wildwood Closes

Just as schools were closing for summer, owners of the Salty Mermaid at 26th and Delaware took to Facebook to announce they had closed for good.

Time to say goodbye! Thank you to our amazing staff and customers – we had six amazing years at the Salty Mermaid!! We made a lot of great memories that we will cherish for years to come. Your support through the years enabled us to build an extremely successful business for which we are very grateful.

Having eaten at the Salty Mermaid several times over the years, I was just about ready to visit them for the first time this summer.

The Salty Mermaid in North Wildwood NJ closed earlier this month - Photo: Google Maps
The Salty Mermaid in North Wildwood NJ closed earlier this month - Photo: Google Maps

This was such a cool restaurant. Located on the bay side of the island across the street from Acme, the inside had a very well-presented nautical/beachy theme with a lively bar and a nice outdoor seating area.

They also featured a nice selection of gluten free offerings on their menu, which, still to this day, isn't always easy to find when you want to go out to eat.

New Restaurant Already Opens

Back on June 13th, the Salty Mermaid said they were in the process of transferring ownership to Ocean Bay Coastal Grille & Bar, which has already opened.

NOW OPEN! Coastal classics meet culinary excellence at Ocean Bay Coastal Grille & Bar. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner year round at the start of North Wildwood.

And, yes, they are also offering many gluten free menu items.

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