For all of our fellow United States Presidential history buffs, this will be a fun exercise.

C-SPAN has updated their rankings of all United States Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. (Note: Donald Trump is not included, which is fair because it takes a number of years before an immediate  past President can be fairly evaluated).

I predict that when they decide to add President Trump to the rankings, he will be rated very low, most likely in the bottom three. This would be undeserved, but, it’s predictable.

The blind hatred of Trump by the deranged lefty liberals is palpable.

Barack Obama is just four years removed from office. This is also not long enough to accurately rank the performance of a recent past American President.

Obama is somehow ranked the 12th best President in American history. This is preposterous. But, just like with Trump - in reverse - it’s predictable.

Remember, history is written by those with control. And, those with control are almost always hard left, liberal in their operating philosophies.

Regarding the Top 2 on this list, I have no argument whatsoever, except perhaps the order.

C-SPAN gives the top spot to Lincoln. With George Washington ranked 2nd.

I don’t strenuously object, but, I would give the nod to Washington. He was our first. He set the two-term “limit” standard, until Franklin D. Roosevelt (ranked 3rd) “violated” it.

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I have always believed that FDR is entirely overrated by historians. His consistent high ranking is more of a longevity award in my estimation.

Lincoln’s case for top supremacy is a very strong one. The Great Emancipator and he effectively and successfully presided over an almost unimaginable Civil War, which had torn America literally in half.

Sidebar, we are presently living through a different kind of “Civil War.” The ultimate outcome is still unknown.

Ronald Reagan has now cracked the Top 10 at # 9. I also agree with this, although he should be ranked even higher. It’s taken decades for Reagan to work his way through the ranks.

If Reagan was a Democrat, he would be ranked in the Top 5.

In terms of modern Presidents, George H.W. Bush is ranked 20th. This places him slightly above the middle of the pack. He deserves better.

I have always believed that Bush 1 is one of America’s greatest one-term Presidents, ever.

George W. Bush is ranked # 33, which is completely underserved. Bush 2 is a successful “war time” President, who came into office thinking that he would be a domestic, “Education” President.

Bill Clinton is ranked # 15, which is ridiculously high. He gets this high ranking only because he’s a Democrat.

Clinton lost the Democrat House of Representatives majority for the first time in 40 years. He also was directly responsible for losing the United States Senate majority for the first time in many years.

Clinton was also impeached, but, this has had absolutely no negative effect on his so-called “popularity.”

To prove my pro-Democrat bias in rankings such as this, Jimmy Carter is ranked # 26. He has been a great former President, (Habitat for Humanity and more).

Carter was undeniably one of the worst Presidents in American history and objectively should be ranked in the bottom 3 to 5.

Richard Nixon will never be given credit for being a good President, because of the Watergate scandal and being the only President to resign from office.

Nixon is ranked # 28, three behind his appointed successor, Gerald R. Ford, who is the only person to become Vice President and President without being elected.

Ford narrowly lost to Carter. Many believe that had Ford not pardoned Nixon, he would have won the 1976 presidential election.

I give Ford credit for his efforts to heal the nation over his own self interests. Ford should get more credit for the good job that he did.

There’s much, much more that I both agree and disagree with regarding this list. But, for today, we’ll leave it at this.

Here’s the list. Take a look and see what you think.

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