The animals in the Cape May Zoo have needed lots of help staying cool during the heat wave that's been roasting South Jersey lately. Many of the animals got some refreshment over the last few days courtesy of the coldest business in town, Sea Isle Ice Company in Woodbine.

The kind folks at Sea Isle Ice Woodbine, a family-owned ice company that's been providing ice for all purposes to South Jersey for 54 years donated a pickup truck load of ice to the zoo animals last week.

It's hard not to smile when looking at the photo of Mork the otter luxuriating on top of a mound of ice cubes. Kiwi the wallaby had the right idea by putting his feet into the ice-cold water in his tub.

Marty the camel likes eating ice chunks and so do Tot the De Brazza's monkey and Hank the porcupine. Even Leela and Merlin, the siamangs, enjoy an ice treat on a hot afternoon.

In a weekend post, the Cape May Zoo gave some interesting background on how different animals handle the extreme heat at the zoo. Some of the bigger animals, like monkeys, red pandas, and big cats have air-conditioned dens where they can stay cool.

Other animals like ostriches, alpacas, and kookaburra love sprinklers and misters in the hot weather while the bears and capybaras enjoy lounging in temporary pools of water.

Goats seem to handle the hot weather well, according to zookeepers, who just turn on extra fans to provide them with a breeze.

I love Cape May Zoo and I love the fact that Sea Isle Ice gave them a truckload of ice to keep the animals cool!  Check out these cooling photos.

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