CHERRY HILL — A man who paid for thousands of dollars worth of layaway orders for dozens of customers at a Toys R Us store on Black Friday has been identified as a South Jersey businessman.

"We love the heartwarming acts of one secret Santa who visited Toys 'R' Us Cherry Hill yesterday morning," spokesman Joseph Contrino told the Townsquare News Network in an email on Saturday.

Contrino said "Charlie K" paid off 62 layaway order worth $10,780 and forked over another $2,000 as a donation for Toys for Tots.

Charles K., a man who paid off 62 layaways at the Toys R Us in Cherry Hill (CBS Philly)

Kartsaklis was honored by the South Jersey Young Professionals Association earlier this year with the Halo Award. The award is presented to "one young professional who exemplifies an extraordinary commitment to the betterment of South Jersey."

CBS Philly interviewed Kartsaklis, who they identified as Charles K., at the store. He told them he was "trying to bring some happiness to people ... to a community that brought so much happiness to me and my family."

An employee told the station that they have had Secret Santas in the past, but this was the most generous.

Ivonne Torres wrote on Facebook that her layaway was one of the ones he paid off.

"I wish I could find a way to repay him! He truly just made my heart so happy," Torres wrote.

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