If you’re like me, you thought that cheating a toll was a civil, not criminal matter. A Gloucester City man has discovered that’s not always true.

The Daily Journal reports that police say Daniel Marks evaded tolls on Delaware River bridges more than 200 times. The car he was allegedly driving each time (his girlfriend’s by the way -- nice guy) was photographed by the Delaware River Port Authority police, which led to Marks via his girlfriend, police say.

A grand jury indicted Marks on a charge of theft of services. His lawyer disputed that, saying that there has to be an intent to deceive that Marks didn’t have. That, of course, is ridiculous, seeing how he apparently drove through the E-ZPass lanes without a transponder more than 200 times! The judge rejected that argument as well as Marks’ argument that it should be a civil, not criminal case.

The third-degree theft of services applies to stealing more than $500 and less than $75,000, and Marks’ alleged unpaid tolls totaled over $1100. He also faces administrative charges of $5,600. Authorities say he crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge over 220 times and the Walt Whitman Bridge four times.

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