New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon "slow jammed" the special Senate Election on Fallon's show last night.

Chris Christie "slow jams" the news with Jimmy Fallon
Chris Christie "slow jams" the news with Jimmy Fallon and Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter of the Roots (NBC)

The show aired much later than usual thanks to a triple-overtime Stanley Cup game in which the Chicago Blackhawks topped the Boston Bruins in the fifth longest Cup game in NHL history.

As the Late Night house band the Roots played,  Christie explained on his third appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon how he had a choice to make about how to fill the late Frank Lautenberg's U.S. Senate seat.

"I had the choice to either appoint a hand-picked replacement, or let the people vote on their new senator," Christie said. "As governor, I have a responsibility to ensure the citizens of New Jersey have a voice in Washington. That’s why this special election is hugely important."

"Ah … yeah. Chris Christie’s about to give New jersey a huge election … and he’s putting in the hands of the people. So watch out. Cause it’s coming prematurely, October 16 to be exact," Fallon said.

Two Favorite Christie Subjects

Governor Christie with Jimmy Fallon
Governor Christie with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

The soon-to-be Tonight Show host also got in comments about two favorite Christie subjects: his weight and a possible Presidential run after Christie explained more about the special election.

“What we don’t need is another unelected politician just sitting around the Congress, whether it’s in the Senate or the House of Representatives,” Christie said. To which Fallon came back with, “Take it from my man the Love Gov, when he sits around the House of Representatives, he really sits around the House of Representatives" as Christie shot Fallon a look.

Fallon said that Christie was "sound all presidential-like" in his decision and asked "you got something you want to announce on the show right now?" Christie shook his head and said, " “Come on, Jimmy. Do you really think I’d come on this show to announce a presidential run?”

Fallon came back with, "“Say what you want, but we all know in 2016… ” The Roots finished his sentence with the famous Springsteen lyric “Baby, you were born to run!"

Christie then said he was "throwing his full weight" behind his decision, opening the door for Fallon to talk about his weight loss, calling him "Christie cream donut" calling the set up "too's not even funny." Christie zinged back, "isn't that what your audience says every night?"

As the audience groaned, Christie continued "that's right, it hurts. So step off, brother." Fallon got the last word in: "Isn't that what your bathroom scale says every night?"

Staying Out Of The Race

Jokes aside, Christie earlier on Wednesday said he's staying out of the special primary election for U.S. Senate but will find some time to help the winner in the fall.

Christie said that his main focus is on running his own re-election campaign.

The Republican said he has a good relationship with Steve Lonegan, the former Bogota mayor who is seeking the nod. But Christie said he's "not going to get involved" now.

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