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There are just a mere six months remaining in Christie's term as governor. With bare 180 days before he will pass the baton to another,
Christie has been on a legacy building tour of sorts — reminding people that unemployment is now below the national level, that he reduced the size of government, arguing he stabilized property taxes. He's painting himself as a devil-may-care lame duck governor who makes the tough decisions because he can.

But those reminders are doing little to resonate with the general public, which continues to give him the lowest approval ratings of any sitting governor since the mid 20th century.

If he is worried about those poll numbers, he did little to help himself during the recent government shutdown, when he was photographed sitting on a beach that was otherwise close to the public, sparking a social media meme-storm. In typical Christie fashion, he rebuked his critics and defended his decision to get the hell ON the beach.

A vocal critic of Amtrak, Christie has frequently blamed the system for the woes of New Jersey transit commuters. Like many, he was bracing for the worst when emergency repair work kicked off at New York’s Penn Station, but heaped praise on NJ Transit for minimizing delays, and scorn on his new York counterpart for hyping the situation.

Christie also continues to make the rounds on the national talk shows as a loyal Donald Trump defender. On the Russia investigation, Christie says he is certain if the president knew about his son’s dealings with Russia, he would have mentioned it to him.

As for reports the real reason Christie was booted from Trump’s transition team was because of the way he handled President Obama’s call to Trump on election night — Christie says it’s simply more fake news.

Christie is not likely to have much say in who succeeds him in Trenton. His lieutenant governor, Kim Gudagno, trails badly in the polls and has been trying to distance herself from her time as Christie’s No. 2. But curiously, Gudagno heaped praise on Christie at the recent Republican Governor’s Association meeting in Colorado.

Will Christie be a factor in this years election? Will the end of his term lean into a new one with President Trump? Does he have a favorite beach meme from his time on the sand?

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