Monday night, Gov. Chris Christie will return to WPG Talk Radio 104.1 for "Ask the Governor," hosted by Eric Scott. Tune in at 7PM.

The governor was the first of Donald Trump's GOP primary rivals to support the future president, and in recent weeks has spent time defending and embracing some of the president's most controversial positions. He told CNN this weekend he'd be a "really willing partner" with the federal government on immigration law, as Trump promises a continued crackdown.

And on sanctuary cities and sanctuary campuses?

"It should be surprising to no one that institutions like Princeton University – where, by the way, I'm a member of the board as governor of New Jersey – are going to take a very progressive, liberal position towards this and will try to grandstand this during a time of political debate," Christie said this weekend.

Last month, Christie declined to endorse his lieutenant governor to replace, said he's not worried about an Obamacare repeal, told host Eric Scott he's sure there was voter fraud in New Jersey and pledged drug policy reform would be aimed at fighting addiction, not taking medication away from people who really need it.

The governor will be taking your calls at 800-283-1015.


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