Thursday night, Gov. Chris Christie will return to for "Ask the Governor," hosted by Eric Scott. Watch the program live at 7PM here at

It hasn't been a good week for the governor. Monday, the legislature killed a controversial deal with the governor to let him profit from a book deal while securing higher salaries for legislative staffers and other public employees. He'd also backed a measure to let municipalities stop places public notices in newspapers — a measure publishers throughout the state said would result in papers closing and massive layoffs. But that measure's gone back to the drawing board, and won't come up again until next year, if at all.

A month ago, Christie told "Ask The Governor" host Eric Scott he has no intention of leaving New Jersey for any role in the Trump administration. Some sources have suggested the governor was offered several jobs — but not the one they say he wanted, attorney general

The governor will be taking your calls at (800) 283-1015.

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