If you were planning on fireworks freedom for the Fourth of July in New Jersey, you might have to wait until next year.

Gov. Chris Christie is in no rush to sign legislation that would legalize sparklers, snakes, glow worms or smoke devices in New Jersey, one of three states in the country that completely bans the sale and use of any fireworks.

"I want to look at specifically what type of pyrotechnics they legalize. I want to read the bill," Christie said Monday on "Ask the Governor," adding that even if he did sign it this week, it probably wouldn't give people enough time to stock up on the fiery noise makers.

A bill that would legalize certain non-exploding fireworks was passed this month by the Legislature.

“Lots and lots of people buy stuff in Pennsylvania and bring it over anyway — might as well let our economy have a little bit of a jump,” bill sponsor and state Sen. Nicholas Scutari told the Townsquare News Network last month.

But Christie said he wants to be careful.

"When you got the pen in your hand and you're going to make it legal, you want to lessen then opportunity for someone to blow their hand off like JPP," Christie said, referring to New York Giant Jason Pierre-Paul, who mutilated his and and lost a finger to a firework explosion in 2015.

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