This time, Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small let others do the talking for him.

He didn’t say a word. He wore a sweatshirt that read:

"My God vs. My Enemies,"

Unlike Small’s recent April Fools’ Day raging and rambling press conference at Atlantic City Hall … when Small verbally attacked New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina and blamed the March 28, 2024 raid on his home on politics and race.

On Tuesday, April 9, 2025 at the Atlantic City Civil Rights Garden … elected, appointment and religious leaders took turns verbally attacking Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds … in an attempt to deflect attention away from Marty Small, La’Quetta Small and Constance Days-Chapman.

None of the speakers has any idea what evidence the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has regarding an alleged child abuse incident(s) in Atlantic City.

They have enough evidence that they have criminally charged Days-Chapman, who is the principal of Atlantic City High School.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office also had enough evidence to execute 5 search warrants on the residence of Marty and La’Quetta Small.

Protecting children is a long-standing mission statement and priority of Prosecutor Reynolds.

In defense of the Small’s and Days-Chapman, The Reverend Steffie Bartley said, "We're here today because we are baffled at the fact a family matter is being treated like a criminal matter.”

Bartley is regional director of the National Action Network.

Steve Young is the President of the South Jersey Chapter of (Reverend Al Sharpton’s) National Action Network.

Not only did Young not support the Small and Days-Chapman support rally … Young led a dueling rally, with the focus placed on abused children in Atlantic City.

Bartley continued, saying:

The mayor, his wife and Dr. Chapman have been humiliated in such a way that we're here asking for answers on how we can go from a family matter to someone ordering 20 police officers and others to close the streets down and raid someone's house, said Bartley.

The Prosecutor’s Office made a brief April 1, 2024 public statement, confirming the professionalism and appropriateness of the search warrants served upon the Small residence.

Some of the worst public conduct at the rally came from Kaleem Shabazz, who is both Atlantic City Council Vice President and the President of the Atlantic City Chapter of the NAACP.

Shabazz called the search warrants a disservice to the community. How does he know that? He hasn’t seen any of the evidence in this matter.

Shabazz called the Smalls, “decent, honorable and law abiding.”

Further, Shabazz said, “even though the mayor is an African-American male of high stature, that shouldn't be a cause for fear. For 20 officers to go to the mayor's home to get phones and laptops, we believe it can be perceived as overkill."

Shabazz added these disgraceful words:

"Were they (the Small’s) treated differently because of who they are and how they look? If that is the answer, then we'll have another step to take. These are fundamental questions that have to be answered,” said Shabazz.

Shabazz has worked closely with Reynolds on many Atlantic City initiatives at regular work meetings that that they attend together.

It is an outrageous suggestion to question whether Reynolds would criminally charge or investigate anyone because of the color of their skin.

SOURCES: Attendees of the Atlantic City dueling support rallies.

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