With constant computer and smartphone use and increasing time spent outdoors in the sun, our eyes get bombarded with a lot of different light sources. Protecting them is critical.

Dr. Samuel Liu of The Princeton Eye Group says make sure you have proper ambient light near your computer or device. And try to minimize glare with anti-reflective screens on a computer.

"Blue light (from an electronic screen) has a very short wave length, and so it produces a higher amount of energy. There are some studies that suggest that over time, exposure to this part of the light spectrum can cause some longterm damage to the eyes," he says.

Liu has some recommendations:

1) Make sure that you have proper ambient light in your surroundings. Any excessive sunlight or glare coming in through the windows is a bad thing. Any harsh interior lighting can produce more eye strain.

2) Maintain proper moisture on their eyes. For example, if you are staring at a screen for a long period of time, you tend not to blink as often. So just by thinking about blinking more often, having more lubrication on the eyes, goes a long way toward making the eyes more comfortable.

3) And with summer coming, and more sunlight exposure, protecting your eyes with sun glasses and hats is your best bet during the summertime.

He says protecting the vision of young family members and older ones is also important.

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