UPDATE: There is now a conference call with the Atlantic County Superintendent of Public Schools today (Saturday) at 4PM. Our original story continues below.

This is a companion piece update to compliment Chris Coleman’s earlier report regarding area school closings because of the Coronavirus.

I have spoken with senior Atlantic City school officials who have just now confirmed the following:

Some Atlantic County schools have announced their plans to close. Those listings are here on our website.

I have learned and confirmed that Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools Barry Caldwell and all of the other Atlantic County Public Schools Superintendents who have not yet announced their plans will be having a conference call this Monday (March 16, 2020) morning to collectively make a decision.

I was informally told that I could report that they are all but certain to be closing for at least the next two weeks.

Also, it is very important to note that parents, etc., should not be concerned that your school district was failing to take prompt action.

I have been advised that the plan all along was for all of the area schools to collaborate together.

By this Monday, everyone will know exactly where all of this officially stands.

However, you should begin to plan now that your children will be home from school for at least the next two weeks.

My sources have also said that they expect this could last longer. But, they want to continue to make decisions as real data presents itself going forward.

This is a developing story. Check back here for updates as warranted.

More information and updates will be made available this Monday on “Hurley in the Morning.”

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