UPPER DEERFIELD — More lurid details came out during an online detention hearing about what officials say that an elementary school janitor posted online and his reasons for contaminating food for children.

Giovanni Impellizzeri, 25, of Vineland, a janitor at the Elizabeth F. Moore School in the Upper Deerfield Township school district, was ordered to remain in jail after prosecutors told a judge that Impellizzeri was sexually aroused at the thought of making children sick.

Detention hearing for Giovanni Impellizzeri
Detention hearing for Giovanni Impellizzeri 11/9/23 (6 ABC Action News)

New details

Among the new details, according to NJ.com's coverage of the hearing:

  • Impellizzeri in his video said it wasn't the first time he had put bleach on food. Children got "a little sick" but it wasn't his problem.
  • A worker noticed that the cucumbers Impellizzeri sprayed looked "slimy" and "spoiled." She did not serve them and instead threw them away.
  • Impellizzeri posted a video showing him mixing feces with taco meat and admitted in a chat he knew students would get sick.  Prosecutors, however, said tacos were never served during the time frame of the video.
  • Impellizzeri took a sponge used to clean dishes and wiped toilets and urinals before putting it back in the teacher's lounge.

A public defender representing Impellizzeri told the judge he has no criminal past but a history of treatment for mental health issues.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Impellizzeri should remain behind bars because he has no regard for the safety or well-being of the public.

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