The Bottom Line

The heat wave has officially begun. Several spots around inland New Jersey hit 90 or 91 degrees on Monday. Even more 90s are expected Tuesday and Wednesday. And then the heat kicks up another notch later this week, with triple-digit temperatures a possibility heading into the first weekend of summer.

There are so many trolls out there in social media land, arguing that "it gets hot every summer". First, such hot temperatures are rather unusual for mid-June — running about 10 degrees above the long-term averages for this time of year. And second, a friendly reminder that heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States. You have to take it seriously, and you have to take care of yourself when temperatures soar.

Spotty rain chances will creep back into the picture by the weekend. But don't expect the heat and humidity to really break until early next week.


Tuesday morning is not half bad. Any time we can dip below 70 degrees during a heat wave is a good thing. And temperatures are averaging upper 60s across the Garden State to start the day. Not cool, but fairly comfortable. Thanks to humidity levels staying in the "moderate" category.

HIgh temperatures on Tuesday will shoot into the lower 90s across most of the state. The heat index may climb into the mid to upper 90s. Remember, that is not only the "feels like" temperature, it is an important indicator of human health.

A Heat Advisory goes into effect for almost all of inland New Jersey at 10 a.m. Tuesday, and will continue until Wednesday morning.

Expect hazy sunshine with passing clouds, along with completely dry weather throughout the day.

You want some relief from the heat? Head east, my friend. Coastal communities along the Jersey Shore will benefit from a welcome sea breeze, keeping temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than just a few miles inland. Beaches will probably top out around 80 degrees.

Tuesday night will be mainly clear and quiet. And again, not horrible. Low temperatures should drop into the upper 60s again.


Wednesday will be very similar to Tuesday.

Partly sunny, hot, and dry. Lower 90s inland. 80-ish along the coast. With practically zero chance of rain.


Later this week, the heat kicks up another notch. And that really kicks in for the first day of summer on Thursday. (The Summer Solstice officially arrives at 4:50 p.m.)

Thursday's high temperatures are forecast to reach the lower to mid 90s. Really baking across the interior of NJ. With dry weather and only a light breeze to keep the hot air moving around.


Latest model guidance is trending toward Friday being the hottest day of the week. That means we will see mid to maybe upper 90s across more of New Jersey. And 100+ degrees is in play. (Although certainly not for everyone.)

Friday will look and feel a bit different too. Skies will progress from partly to mostly cloudy. And there is a decent chance for a popup shower or thunderstorm starting late Friday afternoon through the evening hours. Best chance for some brief rain activity will be in the northern half of the state.

The Extended Forecast

You know why heat waves are such a big deal and so dangerous? They are ponderous. Day after day of relentless heat.

I suspect by the weekend, we will be screaming at the sky for some relief. But Mother Nature will just laugh in our faces.

90s are a sure bet again for both Saturday and Sunday. Just like Friday, I could see some 100+ degree temps if conditions are right.

Once again, spotty showers and thunderstorms creep into the forecast for the weekend too. Mainly during the evening and overnight hours. Up to a half-inch of rain is possible by Monday morning.

Monday is cold front day, finally ushering in a slightly cooler and drier air mass. My latest forecast still puts highs around 90 degrees for Monday, but then dropping to the 80s for Tuesday.

Do not expect the heat relief to last long though. We still have a long summer ahead of us.

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