This tragic story can be updated because of the work of NJ Advance Media, regarding the death of New Jersey’s Justine Gross, who died after falling down an 11-story trash chute.

“Something just happened,” is a text that Gross sent to her Penn State University roommate, just moments before her death, according to the reporting of NJ Advance Media.

Gross was found at a Pennsylvania landfill after her fatal fall down the trash chute on November 19, 2021.

Gross’ death has been ruled accidental at a Pennsylvania State Police conference earlier this week. The conference was held to review the findings of the autopsy report.

It was disclosed that marijuana and alcohol were found in Gross’ liver tissue according to, who was reporting this from police sources.

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Gross’ Mother, Yoga Francoise wants this to be further investigated saying, “Why would anyone in their right mind jump into a trash chute? I don’t want them to close the case. I feel worse than I did before. I have to live with their press release for the rest of my life.”

On her Facebook page, Francoise states her displeasure with being told that she will have to pay $700 for a copy of her daughter’s autopsy report.

Francoise also writes about her displeasure with Penn State University, their college police, and the coroner’s office.

NJ Advance Media reports, that “a man at Beaver Terrace Apartments allegedly gave Justine a ‘smoke’ before she panicked and ran to the top floor of the building, and jumped down the garbage shoot, falling 11 stories into a dumpster below.”

Gross, from Summit, New Jersey was only 19-years-old at the time of her death.


SOURCES: NJ Advance Media, & Yoga Francoise.

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