I have worked in Northfield, New Jersey for decades.

Every week day, I drive down Burton Avenue at least twice per-day. Once in the dark of night and once in daylight.

Almost every single day, I see multiple deer while driving to work.

I have loved deer for as long as I can remember. I find them to be beautiful and I enjoy looking at them.

My friend and colleague Joe Kelly and I talk about them quite a bit … as we compare our daily sightings.

There are a lot of deers who live, eat, work and play right near our Townsquare Media Atlantic City (Northfield) studios.

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Only once in the past 30 years have I witnessed a deer sighting in Northfield during the daylight hours … an adult Buck that just missed crashing into my car, while I was driving down Burton Avenue.

This communication obviously caught my eye from the Northfield Police Department. Here’s the latest news on the “limping deer.”

We continue to receive calls about the lone deer wandering around town. Even though it appears to have a limp and does not get scared off easily, Fish and Wildlife advised to let it be in hopes that it will find its way to a better place. It is still eating and getting around so at this point unless it appears to be gravely injured, there is
no need to notify us if you see it in your neighborhood. It was last seen on St. Andrews Drive by the Atlantic City Country Club.

Please keep an eye out and follow these instructions from the Northfield Police Department.

Immediately below is a great Joe Kelly photo gallery of his own deer sightings in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

SOURCE: Northfield, New Jersey Police Department.

Deer in Egg Harbor Township

Deer Captured on Trail Cam

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