Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain has forcefully carried the torch regarding a very important issue.

It involves the sanctity of our electoral voting process. The mostly Vote by Mail format currently in place has resulted in abject failure in Atlantic County.

The vote counting by the Atlantic County Board of Elections has been slow and uneven.

Case in point, take the Hamilton Township Republican Committee vote. Hundreds of votes have been disqualified or otherwise not counted.

Where did they go? How many voters have been potentially disenfranchised?

Now, consider 21 Counties and the many hundreds of municipalities in New Jersey. Elections need to inspire confidence. We must have finality so that the electorate can believe that the rightful winners have prevailed when the votes are finally counted.

It’s almost two weeks since the June 7, 2020 Primary Election. There were very few contested races and yet the Atlantic County Board of Elections has been unable to get the job done.

Remember when we used to learn all the winners before bedtime on the actual Election Day?

Now, bizarre progress is measured by taking weeks to count the votes. It’s absurd. It’s unacceptable.

Yes, by a Governor Phil Murphy fiat, the various Boards of Elections have until July 24, 2020 to certify the election.

Disturbingly, people are still receiving letters in the mail detailing deficiencies with their ballot. If not resolved, their votes will not count.

Most of the Primary Elections were uncontested. Imagine using this lousy system in contested races with a much larger sampling?

I strongly believe that the fast approaching November 3, 2020 General Election will be a disaster if it remains a mostly Vote by Mail format.

Most voters prefer to vote at a polling place, using a voting machine. I’ve spoken with so many people who don’t trust the Vote by Mail. I’m one of them.

Cain, with the help of Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Keith Davis have developed a plan to address this issue.

Here is a copy of the Hamilton Township resolution to request that in person, machine voting he restored in time for the November 3rd General Election.

Charles Cain document
Charles Cain document

Somers Point Council President Sean McGuigan and Councilman James Toto are staunchly behind doing a similar resolution.

Atlantic County Freeholder John Risley has lead the effort at the County level.

Egg Harbor Township Committeeman Frank Balles is working to ensure that the resolution passes there.

Many in Egg Harbor Township are looking at Balles to be the next Mayor.

Other municipalities will follow. Sadly, watch as most Democrat administrations will not adopt this, nor advocate for in person voting.

Because like everything today, it’s made to be political instead of practical.

It’s sick. Republicans want in person voting. Democrats want vote by mail. Why?

Governor Murphy will have to announce soon what we will be doing on November 3rd. I predict a mostly Vote by Mail election will be ordered. I hope not.

We’ll keep you apprised as this situation progresses.

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