I have confirmed some interesting developments regarding former Mayor Don Purdy and his campaign for Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman.

First, several well placed sources conveyed to me that Purdy was leaving the race for Chairman.

I know spoken with Purdy. He’s not happy with certain developments presently going on. He flatly refused to answer my question whether he is still in, or, out of the race.

However, he voiced his extreme displeasure about what he calls various threats, intimidation and innuendo targeted at him and other supporters of his.

Purdy spoke cryptically about it, but reading between the lines, it appears that Purdy was referring to alleged threats being made by high ranking Atlantic County Republicans directed towards Purdy and some of his supporters. Purdy would not name who is behind the threats at this time.

Purdy said to stay tuned, as some high ranking criminal charges may affect, still unnamed high ranking Atlantic County Republicans.

Developing red hot. When I hung up the phone with Purdy he was steaming mad about various threats and intimidation that he and supporters of his have incurred.

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