As the war with Russia-Ukraine continues, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been very provocative about threatening potential nuclear action.

The doctrine of mutually assured destruction has always held to prevent any nuclear power from deploying them.

However, as the war continues to go badly for Russia, Putin has ramped up his atomic talk with loads of bravado.

Most dismiss Putin’s threats as lacking any real substance behind his words.

However, when you’re dealing with the second most prolific nuclear power on the planet, you can’t totally ignore what he’s been saying.

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Hence, New Jersey has joined New York have begun a public service campaign to prepare residents in the event of a nuclear attack against America.

For example, did you notice the New Jersey Transit ads in September, 2022, which read “Do you know what to do in a radiation emergency?“

The New Jersey advertisement campaign offered citizens a three-step in the event of a nuclear attack:

  • Go inside.
  • Stay inside.
  • Stay tuned for news updates.

New York City launched their safety campaign last summer, when the New York City emergency management department issued a public service announcement video.

The video instructed residence what to do in the event a nuclear bomb exploded.

The critics of New Jersey and New York have been numerous, citing that The campaigns cause panic, while not offering any real solutions what to do in the event of a real emergency.

Here’s an example of helpful information that is lacking in the current public service announcement campaign … the importance of putting your hands over your ears in the event of a nuclear attack. A nuclear explosion creates a blast wave, that results in shock waves of air which can blow out the human eardrums.

It’s also important to cover your eyes, to prevent blindness. It’s also important to cover-up your entire body to protect against burns.

As in any emergency, it is recommended to have water (one gallon per-person, per-day), food, medication‘s, batteries for portable radios and any other essentials on hand.

SOURCE: Nuclear War Survival Skills Book.

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