I woke up at 1:30 a.m., this past Saturday night and it was 44 degrees outside (in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey). By 5:30 a.m., it was 37 degrees.

So, I made the decision to turn the heat on and set it to 69 degrees.

Yesterday morning, for fun, I turned to my Facebook Page and asked our readers if they turned on the heat.

We received dozens of responses, that were a combination of serious and funny responses.

One of my favorites came from “Mary Jo,” who simply wrote “Weenie, along with a silly emoji.”

Rich wrote, “you’re getting soft Harry.”

Lauren wrote, “No heater. We rode it out. I believe Kristin (her sister) did, too.”

Kristin responded, “Yes we did, along with arm muscle posed emoji.”

Meg wrote, “I had to turn it up to 67 degrees at 10:00 a.m. this morning just to take the chill out. It was freezing. Once it reached 67, I turned the heat off. We closed the pool today. Very sad day. I hope you all stay warm.”

A second  Lauren wrote, “I had the air set at 66, with a fun, bewildered emoji pictured” questioning the need to turn the heat on … on this chilly night.

The average high temperature for September 24th is 79 with an average low of the upper 60’s.

This past Saturday hit a high of only 71 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and the low of 37 degrees was at 5:00 a.m.

Here are more of our reader responses:

Joanna wrote, “Not me, absolutely love this weather. Hubby and I slept with the window open! It’s snuggly season.”

Maureen wrote, “Nope. Love the chill this time of year.”

Michele was short and sweet, writing “I did,” while accompanying it with a funny emoji of a little girl shaking her head “no” back and forth.

Karen wrote, “I used my little space heater. The wind of the ocean was chilling.”

Joanne wrote, “Not me. Great sleeping weather. I did grab a throw while I had my coffee this morning though.”

Katie wrote, “Same here!” (A response that she did not turn the heat in).

Joan wrote, “My husband had the window opened last night. I closed it.”

Jerry added, “I set mine at 66 degrees, figuring that’s as low as I could stand it.”

Joanne shared that “I did!” She turned the heat on.

Jeanne said, “No!! It’s free weather! No heat or AC! Did turn off the ceiling fan, along with a smiling, happy emoji.”

Dan wrote, “It was 62 degrees in our house this morning ….. felt like paradise.”

Wendy shared, “Nope!! Isn’t that what dogs are for? Extra heat?

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A serious conversation also developed on our social media post from several people who are understandably concerned about the rise in heating costs that is anticipated this upcoming winter season.

Out of nearly 4 dozen responses, most did not turn the heat on this weekend, with about 1/4 doing so.

In the end, our social media post turned into a television episode of Seinfeld. It was so much fun.

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