If you are tired of expensive skincare products that don't do what they claim, it could be time to make your own with programs and workshops taught by Rachael Pontillo, a multi-disciplinary functional nutrition practitioner, AADP and IAHC Board Certified International Health Coach, licensed aesthetician, herbalist; and skincare formulator and educator.

Rachael is a true expert when it comes to achieving and maintaining healthy, clear, vibrant skin, a natural way.

Rachael’s passion for skincare developed after years of teenage trauma from being stared at by strangers, judged only on her looks, and told by her parents she’d “grow out of” her bad acne.

Sadly, her breakouts persisted well into her thirties because her body didn’t respond to conventional products, fad diets, or generic adult advice or sympathy. When she realized that so many others had lived the same experience, she took matters into her own hands/ literally.

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Watch Rachael as she demonstrates and explains products we can all make in the comfort of our home. When she changed her diet and began making her own organic skincare products, Rachael was able to reclaim the skin she was born with, and the self-esteem she thought she’d lost.

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