It's a dream come true -- pizza on the beach without having to go pick it up.

Dominos is making that happen at the touch of your fingertips with new Dominos Hotspots

The company has made their delivery services more effective, especially with the summer months coming along, in order for you to get your pizza outdoors, like at Jersey Shore Beaches.

"Hotspots" are designated pick up locations (with a street coordinate) that the Domino's app has created for it's customers to meet their delivery drivers outside at select locations. But, lucky for South Jersey, many hotspots are located right at the bottom of the on-ramps and boardwalks to beaches. Margate, Ventnor, Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Cape May seem to be the most prominent/convenient hotspot locations.

To check the hotspots nearest to your South Jersey beach, you can search the locator.

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