With the month of October and the Halloween season right around the corner, your favorite haunted attractions will be opening their doors once again for another spooky season.

The great annual tradition in Scullville, Egg Harbor Township has been presented for the past 20 years by the Scullville Volunteer Fire Company.

It’s called “Scullville Terror in the Junkyard.” It’s located on Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Multiple communities around South Jersey travel to this fun attraction each and every year.

Following this article, we have put together a fun photo gallery with descriptions of some of the sights that you will see during your time spent at “Scullville Terror at the Junkyard.”

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This is a wonderful community event that is organized by the fine men and women of Scullville Volunteer Fire Company.

They take you deep into the dark woods of Scullville, New Jersey, whereby you’ll experience all the family fun horrors that they have conceived.

Our family has attended this haunted hayride many times over the past two decades. It’s a great experience.

The Scullville Volunteer Fire Company challenges you and yours to attend "Terror in the Junkyard Hayride” and to  take your chances in the "Maze of Terror"

Find out more at scullvillefire.org or on Facebook.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ - 'Scullville Terror In The Junkyard'

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