We are revealing numerous documents and photos in a Harry Hurley Exclusive.

I have received more disturbing information (within the past 24 hours) from Atlantic County employees, who remain exacerbated by their working conditions during the COVID-19 health pandemic.

I have interviewed multiple employees in the past 24 hours, who told me that they are disgusted with Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson and other members of his management team.

In a very crass manner, Levinson “spiked the football” yesterday, declaring a full victory and total exoneration from the state of New Jersey regarding efforts to keep employees safe during COVID-19.

Here is his victory statement as follows:

Dennis Levinson Press Release

It’s important to note that the state of New Jersey has not physically inspected the Atlantic County office buildings at any time during the pandemic.

The state has relied solely on answers being provided to them by Levinson and Gerry DelRosso, Atlantic County Administrator.

Atlantic County employees have advised me that “The Levinson administration is lying to the state of New Jersey.”

A County employee sent me a letter today. It provides a great deal of information regarding what has taken place in their view since March, 2020 to the present.

Here it is.

Page 1
Page 2

In Forrest Gilmore’s now infamous “Dear Colleagues” letter, whereby he confirmed that he didn’t know anything about his employees level of discontentment until he read my November 27, 2020 column... with this revelation, his previous words really strains credulity.

A very brave Atlantic County employee, Cherie Rassmann sent me a letter that she received from Forrest Gilmore on July 20, 2020.

Cherie has given me permission to publish it. That’s a real profile in courage in today’s environment.

I also have received copies of petitions signed by 142 Atlantic County employees, seeking an emergency pay rate because of the dangers of their positions during COVID-19; specifically because of what they have called the unsafe working conditions.

I am not publishing these signed petitions to protect innocent employees from any potential retaliation.

Here is the July 20, 2020 letter from Forrest Gilmore to Cherie Rassman.

Forrest Gilmore letter to Cherie Rassman - Page 1
Forrest Gilmore letter to Cherie Rassman - Page 2

Multiple Atlantic County employees have confirmed to me that Gilmore has known how concerned they have been since the beginning of the pandemic.

These employees confirmed to me that they didn’t even receive PPE until June, 2020. That’s beyond comprehension.

They are also concerned about why Levinson has Atlantic County employees working full time and allowing people in the building when other counties aren't.

They explained that by comparison, county government agencies such as the prosecutor's office and the court systems aren't working in the buildings full-time.

They also advised me that “Levinson only makes cameo appearances” at the County office building.

I have also been advised:

“Per Levinson there are suppose to be check-off sheets showing dates and times of cleaning - we don't know where they are haven't seen them ever yet he stated they have always been used.”

The employees continued: “Levinson also stated that AFSCME members brought the charges which is also proof that he was aware that we (the union) have been raising concerns about conditions in the county since March.”

Here’s still more proof that Atlantic County employees have been complaining for an extended time.

Here is a photo that has been provided to me. I have been told that it is from October 23, 2020.

Note, there is no plexiglass partition to protect employees.

Atlantic County office building - no plexiglass partition.

This photo is allegedly from November 19, 2020 when a plexiglass partition was installed to protect employees.

How could Levinson leave employees with direct, close client contact so unprotected until November 19, 2020?

It’s unconscionable.

Here’s the photo with the plexiglass.

Atlantic County office building. November 19, 2020

The Atlantic County employees have also accused Levinson of sending photos to the state that have protective plexiglass installed.

The employees say it’s been installed in areas of the building that they don’t use.

Please read the documents included in this report. The employees are questioning whether satisfactory disinfecting and cleaning is taking place?

Based on the top flight narrative penned by DelRosso to the state ... it’s no wonder they rendered their sight unseen conclusion.

However, I have actually seen and heard more than enough.

I believe the Atlantic County employees. I don’t believe Levinson, who has consistently come up short during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember, until my vehement criticism, Levinson would not allow the number of COVID-19 infections in Atlantic County to be released publicly.

Nor, did Atlantic County have a COVID-19 testing program, until our daily drum beat could no longer be ignored.

It’s inexplicable. From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Levinson has come up short.

In conclusion, I’d like to offer Levinson some free advice.

Work as hard to provide your diligent staff with a safe and healthy work environment as you are in trying to win the public perception of victory.

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