If you're anywhere near the beach this time of year you can see lots of fishermen on the beach and plenty of boats in the water.

You may wonder what they're doing out there in the colder weather.

Many Jersey people know it's STRIPER SEASON.

The much-coveted game fish have made a tremendous comeback in the last generation or so.

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For those that know that's not the only place, the inlets and rivers and bays also make for some great striper fishing this time of year.

On a recent trip on the Manasquan River, charter boat captain Tony Bartone of Ark Sportfishing Charters took a break from tuna fishing offshore to try and catch some of these beauties in the river.

We didn't have to try too long because within 30 seconds of my line hitting the water, the first bass of the afternoon was on.

We were using live bait and drifting with the tide late in the day.

My friend was fly fishing and doing just as well.

With just about an hour and a half of daylight to work with we just happen to catch the end of the outgoing tide just before sundown.

We caught a total of six in a little over an hour, with one keeper, but threw them all back to get bigger and catch another day.

Fall striper fishing on the Manasquan River

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