BRIDGEWATER — Drivers who were stuck in a delay on Interstate 287 because of a truck fire were treated to an impromptu fireworks display Sunday night.

A dolly tire on a tractor-trailer caught fire in the southbound lane near Exit 14 (Route 22) around 10:30 p.m., according to State Police Trooper Brandi Slota. The fire ignited the trailer carrying 10,000 pounds of fireworks, which were lit by the fire and launched into the air.

Comments on the Route 80 Rant (TM).. Commute in New Jersey Facebook group said there was a strong smell of burning magnesium that could be smelled for miles.

Magnesium is used in fireworks as an ignition source. It also adds a white color to displays.

The southbound lanes of 287 were closed until 5 a.m. Monday when the right lane was opened.

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No one was injured in the fire or by the fireworks, according to Slota. The cause of the truck fire remains under investigation.

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