In a WPG Talk Radio 95.5, “Hurley in the Morning” exclusive, Tom Foley declared his candidacy for Mayor of Atlantic City ... live on-the-air at 7:05 a.m. this morning.

Foley’s background in both elective office and public service is extensive and is measured in many decades.

Foley has held the following public positions over the years as follows:

New Jersey Assemblyman

Atlantic County Freeholder

Pleasantville City Councilman

Atlantic City Professional Firefighter Battalion Chief

Atlantic City Director of Emergency Management

Foley intends to challenge incumbent Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small in the upcoming June, 2021 Democratic Primary.

In Atlantic City, the winner of the Democratic Primary is almost guaranteed to win the General Election, as Democrats hold a more than 10-1 voter advantage versus Republicans

As many as four candidates may seek the Democratic nomination.

Two prominent Democrats are contemplating their own potential candidacies at this time, with each of them being former Mayor’s of their home towns in the past.

We know their names, but, have learned their identities on deep background, and do not have permission to out them by name at this time.

We will be able to address The issue of additional potential candidates entering the race within the next two weeks.

Foley is running under the banner “Fix it With Foley.”

Foley announced his 7 point campaign platform live on-air this morning:

Fix It With Foley

1. Total visibility of ACPD on our streets(Police Walking beats Community Policing)

2.Clean and safe neighborhoods9Cleaning and Paving Broken #Windows Concept)

3. Working with State on additional finances to accomplish infrastructure improvements

4. Paving plan for entire City

5. Making State live up to promises of Gaming in our City

6. Improvements to our transportation systems to our city hasn't been done since Atlantic City Expressway

7.Improve our intercoastal water ways for additional development

“These things can and must be accomplished now, as we have been waiting over 40 years. I was Emergency Manager and believe me our City needs emergency help and guidance so its now time to Fix It With Foley,” said Foley  

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