For near than a million of the faithful, making the pilgrimage to Philadelphia to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was well-worth the trip and large crowds.

Luis Mendoza and his wife traveled to Philly from Colorado to see Pope Francis. (Dino Flammia, NJ101.5)

People of every faith traveled hundreds, and even thousands of miles to catch a glimpse of the pontiff and hear him speak during one of several appearances and listen to his mass on Sunday.

Luis Mendoza, 27, came to Philadelphia from Colorado for the papal visit. He and his wife arrived Wednesday and will head back Monday.

"It's just been a really good experience seeing the Holy Father come to the states, and it's going to do our country really good and hopefully reignite some people who've been away from the church," he said.

Mendoza and his wife were "packed like sardines" for the Festival of Families on Saturday, so they're enjoying today's event from a distance.

Therese Martin-Bendahan, 54, came with her friend from Lakewood, Ohio via bus trip.

It's already been worth the travel time for her.