Chris Seher photo.
Chris Seher photo.

Former Absecon City Council President Chris Seher broke some interesting ground this past Friday, June 3, 2022 during an on-air interview.

Seher is a former Absecon City Council President and 10-year member of City Council.

First, some important background of the situation.

There has been an on-going controversy, regarding Dale Conover, the Absecon Deputy Fire Chief and the City Council.

Absecon City Council has insisted that Conover be suspended because of a comment he made on a social media post.

Here is the post in question:

Dale Conover photo.
Dale Conover photo.

Conover confirmed this past Friday on-air that he wanted to end this many months-long personnel matter.

In a spirit of unity and cooperation, Conover met with the Chiefs of fire and police, along with the City Council Solicitor.

The City Council Solicitor has operated in good faith throughout and is a noted attorney of the respected law firm of Blaney and Donohue.

According to Conover and others, the entire problem is a result of City Council acting in bad faith.

For example, (according to Conover and others) City Council has been caught on video, at regular council meetings saying:

We are not involved with this. As compared to this past Thursday, June 2, 2022, when City Council said that they never said that they weren’t involved.

They have actually made both of these statements. Both can’t be true.

In Conover’s meeting with the police chief, fire chief and city solicitor … Conover agreed to serve a suspension to settle this matter once and for all.

According to Conover, the city solicitor indicated that he would be able to sell the deal to city council.

However, City Council has other ideas. They met for more than 1 hour in executive session last Thursday, discussing Conover.

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Despite the fact that all parties agreed to the suspension and Conover actually served the suspension … City Council rejected the deal.

City Council, who previously stated that they were not involved … have now voted to send the matter for arbitration to decide the matter.

There���s no denying that they’re involved now.

Seher raised a very interesting point during our on-air interview. “Absecon has a strong City Council - weak Mayor form of government,” said Seher.

However, the one area that the mayor has absolute authority is over the police and fire departments, according to Seher.

Seher believes that City Council has stepped out of their lane in directly taking charge of a personnel matter involving public safety.

The Mayor is the director of public safety in the absence of a civilian director. And, even if there is an appointed civilian director, the Mayor is the ultimate executive in charge of public safety.

Last Thursday evening, the Absecon City Council exposed their political agenda, when they denied more than 30 residents the opportunity to speak at the last open public meeting.

If you missed our coverage from last Friday, June 3, 2022 about this, here is a link:

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