Former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian has made it official. He will be running for the New Jersey General Assembly in Atlantic County’s District 2.

By any standard of measure, Guardian is a well qualified candidate.

In fact, I will go as far to say that Guardian is one of the strongest candidates that the Atlantic County Republicans have fielded since Vince Polistina and Chris Brown.

It is my considered opinion that Guardian would be the favorite in a General Election versus Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo and John Armato.

Guardian possesses rare crossover electability appeal by being able to receive support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Keith Davis discusses this factor below.

The Atlantic County Republican Party would be very wise to coalesce around Guardian. He’s a winner.

Guardian is now the favorite to win his Primary and also the early favorite in the General Election.

Here is Guardian’s complete official announcement as follows:

“I am running for the Assembly because frankly I can’t take it anymore. I can’t stand on the sidelines and continue to watch failed leadership negatively affecting South Jersey,” said Guardian.

“New Jersey can do better and we cannot afford to fail. I will bring my years of experience and determination to the Assembly and get the job done for Atlantic County.”

Guardian has a depth of experience as a mayor, township administrator and executive director of an urban improvement agency. In those posts, Guardian was successful in securing over $100 million in state and federal funding for Atlantic City. 

He has worked to prevent North Jersey casinos, reduce the cost of government with shared services and has a proven track record of creating jobs for working families. His community involvement from the Boy Scouts of America to the Rotary spans almost four decades.

“Senator Chris Brown has done a great job representing us. But he has absolutely no help. Senator Brown was the one Assemblyman that always supported Atlantic City and Atlantic County and helped save my city from bankruptcy while others have failed our South Jersey region. I’ll make sure Chris Brown has a committed teammate in the Assembly in working to create jobs in our region,” Guardian said.

“There’s no doubt that having Don Guardian on our ticket this year would be a tremendous asset. He’s a proven winner and is universally well liked by Republicans, Democrats and Independents throughout the county,” said Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis.

“When Don was elected Mayor, local Republican clubs clamored to have Don attend their local fundraisers. People know that Don stood up to the bosses and did the right thing as Mayor of Atlantic City. Now we have a unique opportunity to have his leadership for us in Trenton,” concluded Davis. 

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