Former United States President Donald Trump has been acquitted at the United States Senate trial by a vote of 57 to 43.

67 votes, a two-thirds super majority was required to convict President Trump.

Seven Republican United States Senators voted to convict President Trump.

Richard Burr, North Carolina

Bill Cassidy, Louisiana

Susan Collins, Maine

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

Mitt Romney, Utah

Ben Sade, Nebraska

Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania

Burr’s vote to convict was the only surprise. Because he had previously voted that even holding the Senate trial was unconstitutional.

In the end, Burr (who will be retiring from The Senate) actually found someone to be guilty in a trial that he deemed to be unconstitutional in the first place. Hard to square that.

President Trump was acquitted of one count of inciting an insurrection.

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